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“Busted” DVD

On a cold winters night in Sydney in July 2016, country music legend Chad Morgan …. more info


“I’m Not Dead Yet” DVD

The hilarious untold story of the legendary ‘Sheik Of Scrubby Creek’. Narrated by rock… more info

“Live At The Longyard” DVD

This DVD was Recorded in 2009. It contains 21 Tracks, including all your Favourites. Chad has never … more info


“Family And Friends”

Chad Morgan performs 25 songs with his musician family members and good friends. Including: Boof, Amy, dennis, Chad Jr … more info



Warning! This CD contains an UN-Americanised language called “Australian”! more info


“The Dues Are Paid”

1952-2012 Collectors Edition. 34 Old & New Songs. Featuring “The Ballad Of Bill and Eva”… more info

“Songs My Old Mates Sang”

Re-Released Due To Public Demand!! Chad sings 14 Tracks made famous by his old mates… more info

“Muckin Round In Muckadilla”

A Potpourri of favourites, including – Double Decker Blowflies, One Of The Mob, Don’t Drink The … more info

“Worst Of Chad Morgan”

28 Classic Songs. 59.5 minutes playing time. A Mother-In-Laws Nightmare… Featuring – If I Could Just… more info

“More Worst Of Chad Morgan”

Another great “Best Of” Album from Chad. A mix of the old and the new. Contains 20 classic… more info

“There’s Life In The Old Dog Yet”

20 Classic Songs. This edition of “There’s Life In The Old Dog Yet” CD is a special Re… more info

“It’s Only The Depth That Varies”

14 Songs. From the Outhouse to the Opera House. Contains 8 special tracks recorded live at the Sydney… more info

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