“Worst Of Chad Morgan”





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28 Classic Songs. 59.5 minutes playing time. A Mother-In-Laws Nightmare… Featuring – If I Could Just Go Back, The Publican’s Daughter, The Duckinwilla Dance, and many more.

Track List
1    If I Could Just Go Back
2    The Boba Woba Wedding
3    In The Cemetery
4    The Publican’s Daughter
5    Take Me Back Up To The Cross
6    The Day I Gave Up Drinkin
7    The Wool Shed Swinger
8    It’s Better To Be Lucky
9    Out Behind The Barn
10  The Duckinwilla Dance
11  Slow Horses Fast Women
12  On The Social Service
13  Where The Grass Never Grows
14  You’re Gettin Old Son
15  The Twins
16  The Night I Went Below
17  We Drunks Are A Sorry Lot
18  Poor Chinee
19  For Services To Women
20  Black Man Jacky Jacky
21  Dammed Big Mosquito
22  You Just Can’t Win
23  One For One
24  All So Nice In The Nuthouse
25  Who’d Wanna Be A Brass Monkey
26  Funny Darned Cattle These Women
27  Pickin A Plot
28  The Rooster Crowed

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