“Muckin Round In Muckadilla”





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A Potpourri of favourites, including – Double Decker Blowflies, One Of The Mob, Don’t Drink The Water In The Outback, Brandy Trollop From Bandywallop, and many more…

Track List
1    Double Decker Blowflies
2    Big Mob Of Pigdogs
3    Sap From Our Little Family Tree
4    Ninety Million Locusts
5    Brandy Trollop From Bandywallop
6    Muckin’ Round & Truckin’ Round
7    The Car Song
8    Two Hundred Pounds Of Dynamite
9    Beautiful Queensland
10  Raise A Little Chain
11  One Of The Mob
12  Muckin’ Round In Muckadilla
13  Don’t Drink The Water In The Outback
14  A Hundred Pairs Of Pantyhose
15  An Interesting Age
16  Cuddilin’ In Me Old FJ
17  The Pub Olympics
18  You Can’t Take It With you
19  Ninety Nine In The Mini
20  Arm Around A Sheila
21  Instant Beer
22  Turn The Volume Down
24  Can’t Cut The Mustard

© 2012 Chad Morgan

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