“More Worst Of Chad Morgan”





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Another great “Best Of” Album from Chad. A mix of the old and the new. Contains 20 classic tracks like – The Sheik Of Scrubby Creek, Long Black Veil, Ninety Nine In The Mini, and many more…

Track List
1    Ninety Nine In The Mini
2    Watch The Man Who Doesn’t Drink
3    There’s No Night Out In The Jail
4    Mother Wakes Me Every Morning
5    Armchair Jockey
6    What Do You Like For The Cup
7    The Cat Came Back
8    The Sheik Of Scrubby Creek
9    Nothing Now Stirs At The Farmhouse
10  Jock Strapps Elastic Band
11  My Hamstring Keeps Going On Me
12  Pub That Time Forgot
13  Take Warning Friend
14  Brandy Trollop From Bandywallop
15  Cuddilin’ In Me Old FJ
16  Long Black Veil
17  Here I Am
18  Can’t Cut The Mustard
19  Morman’s Again
20  When The Whips Are Crackin’

© 2012 Chad Morgan

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