“Live At The Longyard” DVD






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This DVD was Recorded in 2009. It contains 21 Tracks, including all your Favourites. Chad has never released a DVD before, so if you are a Chad Morgan Fan, this DVD is a MUST HAVE… Buy your copy today !!

Track List
 1    The Sheik Of Scrubby Creek
2    All So Nice In The Nuthouse
3    One Of The Mob
4    The Shotgun Wedding
5    You Can’t Take It With You
6    Where The Grass Never Grows
7    The Mighty River Yarra
8    Double Decker Blowflies
9    You’re Getting Old Son
10   The Ballad Of Bill & Eva
11   Banana Boat Song
12   Chook Song
13   I’m My Own Grandpa
14   The Day I Gave Up Drinking
15   The Duckinwilla Dance
16   The Wool Shed Swinger
17   It’s Better To Be Lucky Than Good Lookin
18   The Thrashing Machine
19   Poor Chinee
20   There’s Life In The Old Dog Yet
21   Pistol Packin Mumma

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