“It’s Only The Depth That Varies”





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14 Songs. From the Outhouse to the Opera House. Contains 8 special tracks recorded live at the Sydney Opera House, with an intro by Slim Dusty…

Track List
1   The Shearers Jamboree
2   Bill Brink The Shearer
3   Chasing Sorts In Childers
4   Wingy The Railway Cop
5   A Three Ply Coffin
6   The Man Who Comes Around
Live At The Sydney Opera House
( Intro By Slim Dusty )
1   The Sheik Of Scrubby Creek
2   If I Could Just Go Back
3   The Fatal Wedding
4   The Thrashing Machine
5   One Of The Mob
6   The Shotgun Wedding
7   You’re Getting Old Son
8   Banana Boat Song

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