“I’m Not Dead Yet” DVD






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The hilarious untold story of the legendary ‘Sheik Of Scrubby Creek’. 

Narrated by rock musician Tex Perkins, I’M NOT DEAD YET is the ‘unplugged’ chronicle of 78 year-old, country music legend Chad Morgan and his wife Joanie, as they travel and perform throughout regional and outback australia.

Chad Morgan’s extensive body of work reveals a consummate bush storyteller with a politically incorrect twist. He sings about chasing Shelias, fighting drongos, shotgun weddings, getting drunk and copulating double-decker blowflies!

For over 50 years, Chad has out-sung, out-drank and outlived his famous contemporaries and has earnd his stripes as an Australian country music ‘national treasure’.

I’M NOT DEAD YET is a story about laughter, love, music, family and a devilishly charming ‘Sheik from Scrubby Creek’.

© 2012 Chad Morgan

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