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In this Brand NEW CD release, Chad Morgan performs 25 songs with his musician family members and good friends. Including: Chad, Boof, Amy, Dennis, Chad Jr, Allan, Janelle, Caitlin Morgan. And Friends: Nev Nicholls, Kevin King, Trevor Day, The Muirs, Eddie Tapp, Terry Gordon, Allan Caswell, Keith Jamieson, Alisha Smith, Jeff Brown, Gordon Larkin, Peter Simpson, Dianne Lindsay.

Track List
1      It Shouldn’t Happen To A Dog – Chad (Slim Newton)
2      Aren’t We Lucky – Peter, Dianne (P Simpson, D Lindsay)
3      Winds Of Change – Dennis (VERA Griffin nee Morgan)
4      All Over Again – Chad, Trev (Trevor Day)
5      When You Say Nothing At All – Caitlin (R Keating)
6      Dance With Me – Terry G
7      The Ballad Of Bill And Eva – Chad, Shane Howard (Chad Morgan)
8      The Road – Chad Jr (Chad Morgan Jr)
9      My Scamander Valley Home – Eddie (Eddie Tapp)
10   Johnny Overload – Nev (J Bond)
11   Old Man Eyes – The Muirs (Jack Pledge)
12   Pettie Coat Rule – Chad, Jeff (Johnson)
13   Really Stupid People – Allan (Allan Caswell)
14   Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down – Eddie, Chad (Carlile)
15   The Dinkum Dill – Chad, Chad Jr (Chad Morgan)
16   The Old Mans Kingdom – Chad, Trev (Trevor Day)
17   Walkin Out With Someone Else Tonight – Boof (Keith BOOF Morgan)
18   Where The Hell Is Elsewhere – Jammo, Alisha (Keith Jamieson)
19   Where The Old Red River Flows – Kevin
20   Folsom Prison Blues – Allan (Cash)
21   Dew On The Gidgee Leaves – Gordon (J Gilmore)
22   That Old Blue Dog Of Mine – Dianne (Dianne Lindsay)
23   Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along – Chad, Janelle (Buddy Williams)
24   When I Smile Again – Ian (Ian Muir)
25   Anyhow – Chad Jr (Chad Morgan Jr)

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