Chad’s Documentary ‘I’m Not Dead Yet’ Is Now Released !!



“I’m Not Dead Yet” is an “unplugged” road movie which follows country music legend Chad Morgan and his wife Joanie as they travel and perform throughout regional and outback Australia. Affectionately narrated by rock musician Tex Perkins, the documentary is an intimate portrait of an artist as an old man. It’s a film about laughter, growing old and coming to terms with the past. At the heart of the narrative is an enduring love story. Back in “the day” Chad moved a lot faster than he does now. He was once an infamous drunk and womaniser – defiant, wild and unstoppable. But now Chad has found his soul mate – the droll, plain speaking Joanie.  While Chad performs, “roadie Joanie” sells the CDs and merchandise.

Today Chad is the last country music legend standing. He has out-sung, out-drunk and outlived his famous contemporaries. When Slim Dusty died in 2003 the heavy title of country music’s “national treasure” was passed on to Chad. Chad’s moving performance of  “Bill and Eva” makes time stand still. Fans have tears in their eyes as Chad explains the story behind the song. “You could tell it came from the heart. Chad’s not a fake,” says a fan reaching for her hankie.

Far more than just a cradle to the grave bio – pick, “I’m Not Dead Yet” is a road movie about laughter, love, romance, music and family. It also features a “handsome” leading man and a litany of dirty lyrics!

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Here’s a sneak preview of the first couple of minutes of the movie…. It’s a must have for any Chad Morgan fan.

More vision from Chad’s movie “I’m Not Dead Yet”… Narrated by Tex Perkins


Chad’s New CD Released !!

“The Dues Are Paid” Chad’s new CD, contains 34 tracks of both old & new songs. Its a very special compilation of the last 60 years. 1952 – 2012 Collectors Edition. It’s a must for any Chad Morgan fan and is available now.


Chad has a new Support Act – “The Muirs”


Ian & Glennys Muir are musicians, singers, songwriters, & entertainers. From growing up in the small Victorian country town of Tatura to the bright lights of Nashville, Tennessee, where Ian recorded his third album, the journey has always been an exciting one. Career highlights have been plentiful including playing in pub bands through the sixties and seventies and then after a long break a solo career that blossomed through the nineties .

Selected to support RITA COOLIDGE for part of her Australian tour and being involved in a songwriters night with MARTY BROWN in Nashville are just two highlights that helped to establish Ian’s reputation as a singer/songwriter. Ian & Glennys have worked around the world with some of the finest musicians and created some wonderful albums of original songs.


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